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Google improves Lookaly search results

Two years and 6,000 reviews later, we’re pleased to announce that Google has recognised Lookaly.com as a reliable review source and have added star ratings to our search result listings.


How does this affect things?

For users

If you’re searching for somewhere on Google keep an eye out for our star ratings so you get an overview of how good a place is before you click through.

For businesses

It’s now more important than ever to make sure your business receives good reviews on Lookaly.

When people are searching for your service on Google, they’ll be scanning down the results to see what sort of star rating you receive from Lookaly and other review sites before clicking through to read those reviews.


Thanks for all your useful reviews that have brought us this far and keep them coming.

Search improvements

We’ve split the search box into two fields; one field for your keyword, the other for the location.

So at first you might think there’s now two fields, which means more effort. But the location field will always be set to the last location you enter as we’ve realised people are generally always searching for places in the same area. But if you want to change your location, no problem, easily done by entering the new location you want to search.


Find what: Enter key search terms and categories here e.g. cafe, bar, dentist, Odyssey, chinese.

Near: Enter the location you want to search near here. Can be a town, street name or postcode e.g. Derry, Dublin Road, BT1 3LT

We’re hoping this small change will help improve your experience on Lookaly and make places easier to find.

If you’ve any comments on the new search system, bad or good, please share below so we can address them. We’re keen to know if it works better for you or not.

Update 12 April 2010
We tried some location aware stuff that didn’t quite work as well as we hoped, so some people were having trouble loading their town on the homepage.

We’ve fixed this now and you should be able to use the site as normal.