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Why we don’t pay people to review

It’s came to light that other user review type websites pay people to write reviews. We don’t. Someone recently asked us if we planned to use a similar strategy to add more content to the site. Our answer was no, and here is why.

1. It forces people to review

We want organic reviews. After you have an enjoyable or bad experience we want you to think “I’ll review that on Lookaly”. We don’t want you to sit down and think “I better write 20 reviews ‘cos I have to.”

2. Reviews aren’t genuine

Related to the first point, if you have to write reviews you’ll start making things up. You’ll make things up to pad it out, or you’ll make things up because you’ve ran out of places that you’ve been to to review.

3. It isn’t fair on every one else

We can’t pay one person from the community to write reviews and not pay others. That wouldn’t be fair.

4. It isn’t part of our plan

Our goal is to have a website that helps people make informed decisions on what businesses and services to use, based on reviews from other people. Our plan to reach this goal is to have a community of reviewers (you) contribute freely to the website, not to employ a work force to do this.

5. We can’t afford to

I’ve got to be honest, even if we wanted to pay you we couldn’t afford to. Lookaly is a small 2-man team who are working hard on getting things off the ground. But we’d like to think you wouldn’t want to be paid anyway based on the points above :-)

So why review?

We hope you write reviews because you like to share your experience and you enjoy the site. You enjoy being part of something big and contributing to something that makes a difference in Northern Ireland.

So thanks for using Lookaly and keep the reviews coming.